My Journey Through Detox

The first five days nearly killed me, only for the sugar cravings. I love fruit and veges but I had also got into the habit of a cup of tea and a bikkie or a piece of cake (gluten free), I think it was my destressor (as I don't drink much). On a detox there is no tea or coffee. After 5 days the cravings were gone but I stilled missed the sweet snack, to make matters worse my daughter made muffins, choc chip cookies and chocolate crackles. (I didn't have any). I could have taken a supplement to stop the cravings but I resisted.

Third day in I had a sliver of gluten free cake, didn't satisfy really. There is plenty to eat on the detox, lots of snacks but none are sweet. So I made it to the end of the first week and and had lost 2 kilos.

Around day 8 I felt a bit tired, vacant and dizzy, rang tech support and I added in a gall bladder supplement (although it was also period time so that may have been part of it). At this time I realised that I was waking in the morning with a clear head and even though my 2 year old had an unsettled night I was still feeling ok. I had less aches and my thinking was clearer. I am at the end of 2 weeks now and have lost 4 kilos, I haven't exercised but now I am feeling and looking forward to doing that, get the zumba out and join a hip hop class!


I am into my 4th week of detox now, have lost 5 kilos, I have done 2 hip hop classes, it was a lot of fun. Feeling really good and those close to me have noticed I have lost a bit of weight. Not missing my cup of tea at all. Need to be organised and have the food available and ready.


My six weeks is almost up and Wednesday is my weigh day, I have lost 6 kilos all up. The next step is to move on to the Shake It program and be more consistent with my exercise. I did feel really horrible on the weekend but once again it was period time, (so remember that girls that hormones will possibly make you want to give up but don't do it) I haven't yet but I think I will try on those size 10 jeans soon!