Cate McRae's Profile

I began my naturopathic studies in 1995. I had always been interested in natural health but it was probably after I had my son Lachlann that I thought about it more. It took me two and a half years to have a child because of 'medical problems', but with supplements and herbs he was finally conceived. I qualified in 2004.

I see all different types of conditions in my practice: thyroid issues, menopause, infertility, children's issues, general tiredness and digestive disorders. My favourite thing to do is pre conception care and the resulting conceptions. Being in a regional area you often see people putting more focus on supplementing their cattle and sheep for breeeding, but forget that humans need the same if not more care.

Even infertility and continual miscarriages can be helped with natural medicine. Even if a couple have to use IVF treatment, pre conception care will increase their chances.

The modern woman's life is crazy. Natural medicine can help to keep us in balance. Herbs and supplements for anxiety, tiredness, reproductiion and nutrition.

Over the next few years I am hoping to assist many couples to make happy healthy babies. So then, of course, I would love to look after the child's on going health and the parents. So it would be the whole family that I would look after.

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